Sunday, October 2, 2011

Don't eat me, brah!

We're starting a new holiday this weekend that hoping that all of you will join in celebrating:  "Leave Them Durn Animals Alone Day."  All weekend long we will be celebrating letting the critters and varmints of the world having a few days off from having to be poked and prodded at our human expense.  So let them chill and come to our all veggie dinner!  ('s totally vegan)

(includes wine pairings)

-cocktails and canapes
-roasted long-stem artichoke, crispy torta de frijol blanco, piquillo pepper vinaigrette, crispy capers and their berries
-seared cauliflower filet, smoked chile "arroz con leche", green olive, tangerine, cilantro croquant
-warm date cake, macadamia praline, ginger carrot puree, coconut froth, dried pineapple
-candies and cordial

$50 suggested donation per diner
(cash only please)

If you're not on our supper club mailing list, you won't get an invite so sign up in the subscription box to the right.  Then you won't be left in the cold, all alone and hungry.  We've still just got ten seats so we sell out pretty quickly these days.  Just keep trying.  It's worth it!

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