Monday, August 6, 2012

I just figured I'd get your attention to let you know that we've got a new website!  Head over to and check it out!  This week's, menu, photos, mailing list sign-ups and other assorted nonsense will be there from now on!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

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Monday, July 23, 2012

PushStart Kitchen
July 28 + 29

I have to say that it always surprises me how quickly the week flies by!  I mean, it's already time for ANOTHER menu.  Gotta get some folks FED!

At this point I'll remain of few words.  Let's get to the good stuff, shall we?

(includes wine pairing)

-cocktail + canape
-chilled peach soup, duck liver mousse, toasted country white, honey roasted onion, peach vinegar gel, arugula
-crispy crab cake, cucumber gazpacho, charred serrano aioli, mango, country ham
-mexican chocolate cremeux, toasted coconut ice cream, grilled banana, cajeta, ancho marshmallow
-candy + cordial

$60 per diner suggested donation
(cash only please)

If you're taking a gander at this page, it's probably because this menu wasn't sent directly to your email inbox.  If you're interested in signing up for one of our dinners, sign up in the box to the right.  We'll send you an invite the next time around!

I know I've said it before, but I can't say it enough...we LOVE what we do and even more so, we love who we've met.  Atlanta is a great place to be and we're looking forward to feeding it, one bite at a time!

We'll see you many soon, yes?

Monday, July 16, 2012

PushStart Kitchen
July 20 + 22

HEY, everyone!  We're back from our trip to San Francisco and we're finally ready to get back at it in the kitchen.  I had the amazing opportunity to work in two fantastic kitchens while we were away: NOPA and State Bird Provisions.  Even when we're able to cook and serve basically whatever we want, it's still easy to slip into funny habits and steep-sided ruts.  For me, as a chef, there really no place like San Francisco.   It's a town that takes pride in it's food culture, while, in a lot of ways, sidesteps a lot of the pretense involved with "dining."  In taking some time to just absorb our surroundings, we feel a little more renewed, refreshed and focused on what we'd like to see in our own dishes and dining experience!  We've even taken the big step of admitting to ourselves that we're ready to get the ball rolling on our very own restaurant space!  Eeeek!

It's amazing how productive a vacation can be for your work.

(includes wine pairings)

-cocktails + canapes
-heirloom tomato, eggplant "fries", miso eggplant puree, pickled green tomato, ricotta salata
-seared duck breast + leg confit, corn in various forms, fennel marmalade, black plum
-lemongrass semifreddo, wildflower honey sponge, blueberry dry/gel/raw, black pepper meringue, ginger honey
-candy + cordial

$65 per diner suggested donation
(cash only, if you please)

If you didn't get an invite to dinner, it's because you're not on the mailing list.  "How do I get on the dang list?" you might ask.  Simple.  Fill out the subscribe box to the right and there you go: registered officially.  Then all you need to do is respond to the invites as fast as you can to come and have dinner.  Easy like falling off a log.

Feed you soon!

Monday, July 2, 2012

PushStart Kitchen
(July 2-12) vacation!

Y'all, we've been busting our HUMPS for the past few months and so we've decided to take a break!  We're heading to San Francisco to celebrate Cris' birthday ('s her 30th).

While we're there, I've actually got an opportunity to hang out in the kitchens of two really great restaurants: State Bird Provisions and NOPA.  I'm really excited about these stagieres and will be trying to document them as much as I can!

So, no dinners until the weekend of the 13th.  That weekend we're going to be serving a gluten (but not glutton) free menu, so all of you who who've been askin' for wheat free and the like, get your emailing bits ready.

We'll see you all very soon!

PS: If, by chance you'd like to sign up for our mailing list while we're busy vacating, sign up in the subscription box to the right.  You'll start receiving those invite emails in no time!

Monday, June 25, 2012

"I'm using the meat.  Y'all want some veggies?"
PushStart Kitchen
June 29 + July 1

So, let's talk vegetables.  I mean, I feel like we're safe to say it's summer time.  The squash are going like crazy and the backyard smells like basil.  You can't much more confirmation than that!

This week, we're gonna give the animal types a break and serve up another PushStart all veggie menu!  Y'all may have heard that we've been getting a bunch of our produce from Fresh Roots Farm right out in the backyard.  It's an understatement to tell how exciting it is to go out and see what's coming out of the ground next!

Take a look at the menu below and get ready to eat yer veggies.

(includes wine pairings)
-Cocktail + canape
-Chilled zucchini soup, crispy pumpkin flowers, house-made ricotta with preserved lemon, smoked chile jam, cotija
-Roasted chile, collard Isreali couscous, black plum mole, crisped tamale "croutons", queso fresco
-Rose arroz con leche, candied lemon, heirloom melon sorbet, lychee, basil
-Candy + cordial

$60 per diner suggested donation
(cash only please)

As always, you won't be coming to dinner unless you sign up for our mailing list.  Fill out the little subscription to the right and sit back as the invites roll in!  Respond quick like, as we've been known to sell out kinda in a hurry.  If you don't make it this time around, don't worry.  We'll get you fed soon enough!
We're looking forward to having you around the table!

Monday, June 18, 2012

PushStart Kitchen
Friday, June 22, 2012

We always get a little geeked out when the weather gets hot, mainly because we know that the summer vegetables are on their way!  This week, we've put together a menu full of great stuff coming up out of the ground in the back yard plus a few extra treats thrown in for fun.  Take yourself a looksee and get ready for dinner!  We'll see you Friday.

(includes wine pairings)

-Cocktails + canapes
-Eight melon salad, heirloom cucumber, queso fresco, charred onion, country ham powder, black pepper syrup
-Sous vide beef petit tender, smoked chile puree, eggplant gratin, fried chickpeas, pancetta ice cream
-Warm honey sponge, lemon yogurt panna cotta, summer fruits in various forms, GA peach paper
-Candy + cordial

$60 per diner suggested donation
(cash only, please)

If you're already on our mailing list, then all you've got to do is kick back and wait for the invite to hit your inbox.  If you're one of the unfortunate few not on the list, it's a fairly painless procedure.  All you have to do is fill in the subscription box to the right and we'll send you and invite to dinner.  Then you have to respond as fast as you can with how many in your party and a good contact number.  Please remember that we sell out quickly so if you don't make it in, please keep trying.  Persistence pays!