Monday, May 7, 2012

PushStart Kitchen
May 12 + 13

We've been loving this warm (read "HOT") weather that we've been having and while a bunch of folks are dreading a long and hot summer, we're praying for it.  I mean why else would you live in the South?

This is really the time that we can easily feel the connection between the Latin and Southern American kitchens.  When we begin anticipating sweet corn, ripe tomatoes, spicy chiles and cool watermelon, we get so excited to be in the kitchen!  I mean more excited than we already are, which is like, a lot, and stuff.

Anyhow, here's the menu for this weekend.  Saturday and Sunday, to be exact.  

(includes wine pairings)

-Cocktails + canape
-Salt and pepper squid, esquites, pickled cucumber, chilled romesco, sherry vinegar syrup
-Sous vide beef petit tender, charred shallot caramel, corn bread puree, roasted heirloom squash, white cheddar
-Coconut panna cotta, candied meyer lemon, tangerine sorbet, anise biscuit, basil
-Candy + cordial

$50 per diner suggested donation
(cash only please)

Have we fed you yet?  Sign up for our mailing list to the right and we'll send you an invite.  Then all you have to do is respond as quickly as you can.  Make a reservation and we'll take care of the rest.  C'mon and eat!

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