Monday, April 30, 2012

PushStart Kitchen
May 4 + 5

This weekend we're resolute in celebrating this wonderful warm weather!  Why don't you grab a friend and come have a cocktail and a bite to eat with us.  We'll have the windows open, the record player on and the food flowing.  I honestly couldn't think of a better way to enjoy the weekend, but don't listen to me.  I'm obviously biased.

(includes wine pairing)

-Cocktail + canape
-Black eyed pea fritter, hominy salad, roasted tomato mayonnaise, smoked bacon & mustard vinaigrette
-Lump crab, crispy potato dumpling, roasted heirloom carrot, fennel jam, shrimp "chowder"
-Lemon basil cake, condensed milk ice cream, cherry "every which way," black pepper syrup
-Candy + cordial

$50 per diner suggested donation
(cash only please) 

As always, you gotta be on the mailing list to be invited to dinner, so if you're not, please take a second and fill out the subscription box to the right.  Then wait by your email inbox.  The invites will be on the way!  As soon as you get an invite to dinner, please be sure to respond as quickly as you can as we've been known to sell out quickly!

We are in love with what we do and sharing our home and table with everyone is the way we show it.  We are looking forward to having you around that very table soon!

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