Tuesday, May 22, 2012

PushStart Kitchen
Saturday, May 26th

So, a few of you may already know this but this is our last week before we turn ONE!  PushStart's birthday is right around the corner and with that big change comes another...we're getting a bigger table!  

Some fellas on the farm found a hundred year old work table that's been buried in the detritus of left over factory stuff.  They've been working for the past month, sanding it down, acid washing the legs, and resurfacing it...and now it's ready, just in time.  I've been told it's going to take a team of six guys just to carry the top of the table!  All that said, we're gonna have some extra seats to fill!  

This is also our second week into writing all of our menu based on the veggies that are being growed up in our back yard at Fresh Roots Farm.  We're loving being able to use the amazing produce that is literally steps from our door.  Doesn't get more local than that.  

We'can't wait to have you!

(includes wine pairings)

-Cocktails + canapes
-Roasted backyard squash, tomato marmalade, charred heirloom cucumber, parmesan ice cream, black olive powder
-Slow cooked hen with leg confit agnolotti, backyard mustard greens, preserved lemon chantilly, roasted onion broth
-Fried pineapple pie, rum semifreddo, ancho spiced macadamia, cajeta enronada, smoked salt
-Candy + cordial

$50 per diner suggested donation
(cash only, if you please)

We seeing new faces around our table, so if'n you're not signed up and you'd like to receive an invite to dinner, please feel free to sign up in the subscription box to the right!  We'll be mailing out the invites very soon!

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