Saturday, January 14, 2012

We're kinda bummed that the excitement of the holidays is over and we've slipped into the winter doldrums, so we're cracking the wine and breaking out the forks!  It's time to celebrate the dead of winter with I Love L.A. Eats and Urban Reclaimed.  This time around, we're doing things a little differently and we think you'll be pleased!

We're hosting two dinner parties on Friday 20 and Saturday 21, at an amazing home in VA Highlands!  Each night, we'll serve a winter inspired, five course meal with all the trimmings, for 20 lucky people at an enormous hand made table!  We're so excited!

(Includes wine pairings)

-cocktails and canapes
-cauliflower soup, house-made chorizo, golden raisin puree, caper berries, fried capers
-hearts of palm, salted cucumber, roasted beet, shaved manchego, lime mayonnaise, cumin puffed rice
-pork confit, white bean puree, pickled apple, dried plum marmalade, thyme croquant
-coconut panna cotta, guava jelly, pistachio praline
-lemongrass arroz con leche, pineapple brulee, salted gingersnap, madras cream
-candies and cordial

$75 per diner, suggested donation
(cash only please)

Same deal applies: Sign up, get invite, respond, get fed.  ONLY we're not going to be in the same spot as usual.  If you're one of the lucky ones (read "speedy"), we'll send you all the directions and scheduling!  We can't wait to have you.  SERIOUSLY...don't miss this!

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