Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Television Weekend

So as many of you all may know, we're filming for two different television programs this weekend (!!!) so we're not offering regular PushStart service.  I still figured I'd post our soon to be forever immortalized menu, just to be a temptation and keep people interested in the following weekend, when we resume the normal deal.  Be paying attention to your email in-boxes for next week's menus!

TV DINNER (see what I did there?  Got jokes.)
-Canape and cocktails
-Chilled corn soup, grilled manchego cheese sandwich, roasted red chile, pancetta, arugula pesto
-Sous vide petit tender de beouf, corn croquant, smoked tomato molasses, avocado, pea shoots
-Grilled spice cake, sweet corn ice cream, coconut milk, cilantro syrup, macadamia praline
-House-made lemongrass liqueur and cajeta de coco

Can't wait to see where this TV stuff goes.  I'm already trying to work out some great catchphrase I can have when ever I serve someone some food.  I'm considering screaming out "BOOyah!" but the jury is still out (also a joke, albeit a bad one).  Director, I'm ready for my close up.

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