Sunday, March 11, 2012

PushStart Kitchen
march 16th + 17th

I mean, St. Patrick is great and all, and of all the people out there, I appreciate his running the snakes out of Ireland the most, but this week we're going to be celebrating someone much more important, my sister, Rebecca.  

Her birthday is this week so, we wrote a whole menu inspired by her favorite foods and while they might be a bit more fancified and high-falootin' than she's expecting, they're composed, cooked and served with her in mind.  Come this weekend and celebrate family with us!  We love you, Rebecca!

(includes wine pairings)

-Cocktails + canapes
-"Creamed Chipped Beef": crispy milk croquettes, shaved cured beef, green tomato marmalade,  arugula, white cheddar
-"Chicken and Potatoes": seared chicken breast, chicharrones de pollo, asparagus butter, preserved lemon potato puree, pink peppercorn
-"Pecan Pie": pecan pie empanada, brown sugar ice cream, candied orange, raw orange, orange syrup
-Candy + cordial

$50 per diner suggested donation
(cash only please)

We'd love to have you come.  If you're not already on our mailing list, please sign up to the right and we'll send you an invite.  Just so you know, we've been selling out quickly so if you don't get in to a dinner you like the sound of, don't quit.  I guarantee we'll get you fed!

See you soon!

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